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Join us Summer 2023!

This summer we are located in the Northminster Presbyterian Church building at

2515 Central Park in Evanston.

(Camp DIY is not a program of the church.)

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Camp DIY is an arts & crafts makers camp in NW Evanston for incoming 2nd – 6th graders, plus an Artist Assistant program for 7th - 9th graders, focused on creating a unique way to experience the fun of arts and crafts in a relaxed, encouraging environment.

Kids rotate through 5-10 areas of study a week, learning from local artists, professional crafters and local art teachers. We do things like sewing, weaving, digital arts, macrame, LED circuit crafts, stop-motion animation, clay and ceramics, pastels, paper mâché, knitting, book making, jewelry, drawing, painting, multi-media art, wood working, and more!

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